Trivial Pursuits

Trivial Pursuits: Why Your Real Life is More than Media, Money, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Trivial Pursuits
By Ian Diorio
Baker Books
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Book Description: 

Your life is not a reality show. It’s actual reality. But too many of us spend our lives on trivial pursuits–media, money, perpetual youth, and a culture of constant entertainment. We try to avoid the realities of pain, depression, loneliness, and mortality by filling our lives with diversions. Even worse, our churches that might use the reality of pain and suffering to point us to the cross instead dress the gospel up in the world’s clothing so that it will seem more “relevant.”With pinpoint accuracy, LA club DJ turned pastor Ian DiOrio diagnoses the problem and gives us the cure. Exposing our most common empty attempts to find meaning apart from God, DiOrio points us back to God and exhorts us to find meaning in our identities as followers of Christ, as shapers of culture, and as people who participate in communities of worship.


This book is really a call to a deeper faith.  The author helps us to see that we often spend much of our time chasing after what really doesn’t matter.  Today’s culture lures us away from godly pursuits and side tracks us from what is really important.  And what is important is not money, success, or status, but serving God and others.  This was an inspirational read.

~Reviewed by David H.

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