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Chastity Project
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Book Description:  Why save sex for marriage? Scare tactics, guilt trips, and teen pregnancy rates don’t inspire anyone to love. Discover the difference between love and lust while getting straight answers about dating, relationships, and sexual purity. In this new DVD, filmed before a live audience of hundreds of high school students, Jason and Crystalina present a compelling case for the virtue of chastity. This talk has been delivered to more than one million teens on five continents. Watch as Jason and Crystalina Evert reveal the compelling vision of God’s plan for human sexuality. By addressing the issues that teens struggle with most, such as sexual pressure, pornography, modesty, and starting over, Jason and Crystalina offer encouragement for teens to maintain their purity or begin again if they’ve made mistakes in the past.


This is a wonderful resource for teens.  Whether you are a Christian youth worker, a teacher, or a parent, if you are involved with teenagers, you will want to get a copy of this dvd. The presenters are a husband and wife team Jason and Crystalina Evert that minister to teens all over the country, promoting chastity. They reach teens where they are by sharing their own stories, warts and all, in a meaningful, entertaining way.  They touch on heavy topics, but in a light way that isn’t scary.  They also reach out to teens that have made mistakes and want to start over.  This is a fantastic resource.

~Reviewed by Rosie B.

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