Faith to Foster

Product DetailsFaith to Foster
By T.J. & Jenn Menn
Abeille Books
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Book Description:  While our country is preoccupied with chasing the American dream, thousands of children long for a family and place they can call home. Foster children live in nearly every community, waiting in silent anonymity for someone to welcome them into their life.

Sometimes all it takes is exposure to prompt change.

Faith to Foster is a candid and vulnerable look into the life of ordinary foster parents TJ and Jenn Menn. It is a comprehensive journey chronicling their decision making process, how the children arrived, the birth parents struggle to rehabilitate, help from friends and family, emotional goodbyes, and how faith in Jesus empowered them through it all. This is a story they wished they d read before starting their foster parenting adventure.

TJ and Jenn share of their experiences and feelings in a way that encourages readers to serve their neighbors. Faith to Foster reminds Christians how God can use them to make a difference in their community. He can strengthen our congregations to change lives and redeem innocent children from harmful situations.

Indeed, Faith to Foster inspires believers to rely on the mighty power of our God as they seek to change their neighborhoods one child at a time.


 This is a very valuable tool for understanding what it is like to be a foster parent and all that is involved with this type of ministry.   It gripped me from the first sentence.   The Menn’s writing is unassuming and there experiences are believable. They just couldn’t make this stuff up. I appreciate that they bust the “Pollyanna Myth” and don’t sugarcoat the experience.  Their candidness helps you to connect with not only the authors but the children as well. This book is an eye-opener, highlighting experiences that will both make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes as they share the ups and downs of fostering children and how God has been with them every step of the way.  It is a must read for anyone in human service work or ministry that involves children.
~Reviewed by Sarah J.
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