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Theology of Ministry
By Edward Hahnenberg
The Liturgical Press
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Theology for Ministry is for beginning ministry students, seasoned lay leaders, and anyone in between who wants to learn more about the faith that feeds their call to serve. Six easy-to-read chapters introduce the main areas of theology that every lay minister ought to know: the notion of vocation, the doctrine of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, church, and ministry. By sharing personal stories and simple examples, Edward Hahnenberg brings the Bible to life and dusts off ancient church doctrines–revealing the many ways our tradition can inspire the work of lay ministers today.


This book is clear, concise, distinct, well organized, and very readable.  If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of theology and to know why you hold your beliefs, you will find it interesting and a real page-turner. This is an excellent introduction to theology that is interesting and exciting, and would make a wonderful group discussion text.

~Reviewed by Dave H.


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