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Raising an Army of Helman’s Warriors by

Product DetailsRaising an Army of Helman’s Warriors
By by Mark D. Ogletree, Ph.D., Kevin A. Hinckley and MA
Cedar Fort Publishing
Retail Price: $15.99
Amazon Price: $12.82

Book Description:  You don’t need to be an expert to be a good mom; you just need the Lord’s help. Learn how to seek out the best parenting Guide the Holy Ghost in this insightful and inspiring book. With personal stories, research, and interviews, this is every mother’s must-read handbook for finding answers and keeping the Spirit in her home.


This book is about how to make your home mission-friendly and gives advice on how to raise your kids to mission-minded.  God calls us to bring the Gospel to the world and we need to remember the importance of this when raising our families.  The authors give great advice and tips and share relevant real-life stories.  I found the book to be very edifying, with its principals easy to apply.

~Reviewed by Allie B.

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